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Hello and welcome! My name is Erik Weaver.

While most kinds of photography interest me, I specialize in product, portrait, and head shot photography.

I would enjoy making stunning photographs for you, be that a personal or corporate head shot, showing off the sublime detail of your newest widget, or designing a still life showcasing your product in a special light.

If you are a model in need of fresh look for your portfolio, wish to up date your shots, or if you wish to explore an interesting theme or look, drop me a note. I am open to creative collaborations of visually interesting themes, and will selectively work TFP (Trade For Print/Photo/CD).

I thoroughly enjoy the creative process in all genres of photography. I draw inspiration from from a wide range of photographers, some of whom are (or were) deeply devoted to extensive post-production work in the darkroom (analog film), to modern masters of painting with light (this is photo-graphy after all), including Ansel Adams and Jerry Uelslmann, to Peter Hurley, Frank Doorhof, and Brian DeMint (who lives about 90 miles from me).

I've been living in Springfield, Missouri for more than 20 years, and in Missouri most my life now, although I am a transplant from Ohio, where I was raised. For those interested, I am INTP.

Fill out the form below, let me know how I may help you, and let's ball started....

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