About Me

Beauty is ubiquitous once we look for it. And successful art discovers and reveals the inherent beauty of each subject. 

Each photo I make explores something special that draws us into your image. By creatively marrying subtle lighting, texture, composition, and story telling, I solve a visual puzzle revealing you, your service, or your product, as your customer's grand prize!

Art has brought me pleasure my entire life. I enjoy the technical aspects of composition and the illusion of depicting our multi-dimensional world experiences within a two-dimensional medium, be that expressed as an oil painting, a graphite rendering, or a photograph. 

When you hire me as your photographer, know that every image is special to me, because it is special to you. Each image I create for you is made for a specific reason, to achieve a specific goal. I work with as much passion on your photograph as I do on my own. I feel like my most beautiful photograph is the one I'm working on right now! 

My inspiration? 

I draw inspiration from the usual suspects: Rembrandt, Raphael, Rubens, da Vinci, Monet, van Gogh, Picasso, and Dali. Photographers who inspire me include Ansel Adams, Jerry Uelslmann, Peter Hurley, Frank Doorhof, and Brian DeMint. These artists work draws upon the use of color, movement, emotion, and spirituality to inform their work. 

The collective unconscious also plays an important role for me, so I feel Carl Jung is a rich influence upon my work. I seek the inspiration of my unconscious, my gateway to the collective unconscious. This is where I find my Art experiences Spirit, thus becoming inspired. 


I've been living in Springfield, Missouri for more than 20 years, and in Missouri most my life. For those interested, I am INTP so I naturally reflect deeply upon your project, thoughtfully applying a range of technical skills in the creation of your photograph, imbuing it with a spark of my own essence.

Welcome to my photography! 

My name is Erik Weaver. Contact me for an estimate, and I can be your photographer too!