Request a Price Estimate...

Price is always uniquely tailored to your job. It depends upon the level of production you need, the number of additional services involved in your shot, and the scope of the project, just to name a few areas of consideration. 

Scouting a beautiful location, and later shooting a model sun bathing in the back of a fully restored 1940 Ford pickup truck for a radio station bill board campaign is quite different than traveling to your office and making head shots of your staff, which is different than shooting this season's product for your print catalog or online store. 

  • Do you need models, hair and make up artists, and craft services? 
  • Do you need location permits and releases? 
  • Do I need to work with your chef to plate food and make photos for your new menu? 
  • Do you have a series of new product announcements being placed in trade magazines throughout the upcoming year? 
  • Are you own a bed & breakfast owner who needs architectural photos of your beautifully refurbished B&B for your web site? 
  • Are you a musician who needs a new album cover? What about portraits and inside photos?  

As you can imagine, these are all very different commercial jobs. What we really need to do is discuss your project. After we have a chance to talk, I will prepare a line item estimate of your job. But I can give you an idea of what to expect.... 

First, we need to discuss your project so I can better understand your needs. Then I will prepare a written estimate including the following: 

  • Preparation fees and creative fees 
  • Fixed daily expenses (or partial day for smaller jobs) 
  • Per item image fees for the photographs I make for you 
  • License and usage rights granted and corresponding usage fees 
  • Line item expenses prepared throughout the estimate 

If you are responsible for a large production you will be pleased to see everything logically organized, and you will feel secure knowing I care about your production reaching a satisfying conclusion. 

If you are a small business, understand I enjoy working with you, and I find personal satisfaction in making stunning photographs for you. If you are not familiar with some of these terms, contact me anyway. Honestly, if you have never dealt with usage rights and fees there is probably no need to do so now, and we will be able to make a simpler agreement. 

Large or small business, I am prepared to work with, and happy to do so. So contact me now!